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Best Flooring Materials for Kitchen

Due to heat and frequent visits to the kitchen, its floor tends to be vulnerable. I’m sure frequent renovations are no one’s cup of tea. If it could be possible we all wish things would last forever. However since that is not the case, the best option is to use materials that will at least serve us for a long time and which require minimal maintenance. That is why we put together a list with some of the best and resilient kitchens flooring materials.

Hard Wood

HardwoodNothing screams durability like a hardwood floor such as bamboo, eucalyptus or any other type of wood. Apart from that it never goes out of style as it creates that vintage look and requires low maintenance. It provides stability for your floor as it is moisture resistant hence you need not worry about dampness which is a common kitchen characteristic. When you cook, you often find yourself creating a mess which includes pouring of liquids such as tea and gravy.

With a wooden floor, you need not worry as it is usually stain-resistant and easy to clean. There are also a variety of choices to select from. Due to its color, it creates a welcoming and warm feeling thus sitting on that kitchen chair while taking your coffee and reminiscing can never feel awkward.

Vinyl flooring

If you cannot afford a hardwood kitchen floor, then vinyl is a good alternative. Apart from being pocket-friendly, there are plenty of colors and styles to select from thus you need not worry about standing out. Vinyl flooring perfectly fits someone who frequently cooks. Reason being it is softer hence does not create pressure on your feet when you stand on it for long periods while the kitchen. It is easy to maintain and clean.

This type of flooring is also waterproof. If you have the tendency of dropping and breaking utensils accidentally, then this is the best flooring material for you. Like previously indicated it is soft, hence minimizes the breakage. However, you need to be careful with it as you can easily slip and fall when it is wet.

Cork flooring

Another material which is suitable for your kitchen floor is cork. The fact that it is from trees might leave you wondering what the difference between it and wood is. Well, cork is from tree barks and as you would expect with something that gets to be harvested after eight to ten years it is quite durable. It is much softer in contrast to wood and is environmental friendly. With this floor, you need not worry about slipping as it is naturally textured and waterproof. There are myriads of colors and designs to select from. When you install the floor in your kitchen, changes in humidity and temperature should be the least of your worries as it is moisture resistant. However, it requires constant maintenance.

Porcelain material

We all hate going to the kitchen barefooted due to the cold floor. However, with porcelain flooring, you are more than free to do so since it retains heat. If you like being simple but sophisticated, then porcelain flooring material will work for you. It has many advantages such as low maintenance costs. Porcelain is stain resistant hence you need not worry about accidental spills while cooking or going about kitchen activities. It gives your floor a natural stone look and prevents you from falling. It also does not fade and is thicker than ordinary ceramic tiles thus it is more durable.