How to Soundproof a Room from Traffic Noise

Anyone who lives within a town understands the pain of being rudely interrupted by traffic noise, especially when we want to rest. Fortunately, we have prepared a list showing ways to soundproof your house from such noise.

Block entry points

The first step to preventing any noise is by finding the entry points and blocking them. This may include any crevices which might be on the wall or any other places. If that does not work, it is time to take other steps shown below.

Sound absorption material

Install materials which absorb the noise that penetrates your walls such as acoustic. These include panels and quilted curtains. They are quite easy to install and can be customized to your preference. They are cheap as you can easily make them yourself by covering a piece of wood frame with stretching fabric and then smear egg foam underneath which absorbs the sound. Acoustic panels have the benefit of not only sound proofing your home, but they also create heat.

Install a book shelf

BookshelfYes, I just said book shelves. Sound absorption materials work efficiently but what if you cannot afford it? Book shelves are a good alternative. Furthermore, they only add class to your home. You can put them to good use, by placing them on the wall from which most traffic noise tends to come in. They act as a good sound barrier and you will experience less noise than before. Apart from that, your house gets to be more organized as you now have a library.

Work on the windows

Ordinary window panes are the least efficient in preventing noise entry. Reason being they consist of only a single glass. That is the reason why if your window is on the side of the street you will definitely be a victim of traffic noise. Luckily for you, there is something that you can do to rectify that and get your peace of mind.

There are plenty of soundproof windows in the market today which include acoustic ones. You can use these to keep the noise out. Or you can use foam plugs which you can easily find at any hardware. They are easy to install and are cheap. However, it is important you know that they are not a long term solution as they only block partial noise.

Foam plugs are a good alternative which you can put to use as you work on another solution. Another window alternative is to use double or even triple panes. They have the effect of trapping the noise in between so it does not reach your room.

Other methods you can use to soundproof a room include:

  • Use of hardwood doors
  • Install door sweeps
  • Sound barrier materials such as plush rugs
Woman Fresh Air

Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

For any person who owns and abides in a home, stuffiness and bad smell is an everyday ordeal. It comes about due to many reasons. There are many ways to deal with it including air fresheners and conditioners. However, we all want something more long-lasting and cheaper while not harming our own health. There is no better way to make your home smell good than using natural methods. We will discuss some simple ways which you can implement right away.

It not only saves you money but also creates a unique ambiance. Furthermore, the smell of our house is the only thing we have tied to us when we leave for our daily activities in the morning so let’s work together to make it better. Below are ways you can achieve that.

Ensure proper airflow

Stuffiness and bad smells in a room come about when there is too much stagnant air. Therefore the first step that you should take to make your house smell good, is to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. Apart from your ventilation, also leave your windows to make sure that the bad air leaves and new gets in. That way you will not only make your house smell good, but also you will be breathing in clean and fresh air.

Essential oil

Essential OilIf you want your home to feel naturally better, make essential oil your buddy. Just in case you are wondering what that is, vanilla and lavender extracts are good examples. Put a full cup of these extracts into your oven for one hour. Or simply blob a few drops into a cold light bulb and turn on your lights. When they burn they emit their beautiful smell which leaves your house with a lovely natural fragrance. The light bulb method is much more efficient as you can do so for different rooms using different essential oils. That way they create one strong natural fragrance. Quite simple huh!

Make your own air spray

Nothing ever beats homemade stuff or something that you have done yourself. Ditch the commercial air fresheners today and create your own unique and natural one. Apart from making lemonade and being a flu cure, you can also use lemons to make your house smell naturally better. It’s as easy as one plus one is to two since all you need is half a cup blended lemon juice, two cups of hot water and an eighth of baking soda. Mix them and add them to your spray bottle. From there all you have to do is spray the mixture and say hello to a natural and better-smelling house. Replacing or mixing the lemons with an essential oil such as lavender will be even better.


OrchidEver wondered why so many offices and homes have house plants? Well apart from decoration purpose, they also create fresh and natural air. Plants such as eucalyptus are famous for their strong scent. Other plants which are suitable for that purpose include azalea, Chinese evergreen, spider plant and many others. With them, all you got to do is put them in a vase and wait for that beautiful smell.

Beeswax Candles and simmering

Another DIY and easy way is by use of candles made out of bee wax. Once you light them, they emit honey scented flames which are not only romantic but makes your home smell good. That is quite easy. Another method to consider is simmering natural ingredients such as cinnamon and lemons. That way their scent comes out stronger than any ever. Only put them together in a cooking dish, add water and simmer on low heat. Leave them there, and through that, you will have achieved a wonderful, exceptional and natural smell.

Other efficient ways to do so include:

  • Salt lamps
  • Reed and natural extracts diffusers

How do you keep your place smell nice?