Kitchen Countertop

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas

You do not have to live with a guilty conscious of ugly countertops when you can easily improve them. Doing it yourself not only gets your kitchen to look nice but also gives you satisfaction as you create it just the way you visualized it. We all know how expensive a makeover can be, but with our list of DIY ideas below you can achieve that beautiful countertop look quickly and at the same time cut the cost.


PaintWhenever one walks into the kitchen, they first look at the counter tops. If you want to change them but you are on a budget and cannot afford then painting is a good alternative. All you need is paint and a brush. Transform the color, and that changes everything.

For instance, if your countertops were dull, painting them with a much brighter color makes the entire kitchen look new and better. All it costs you is buying the paint. However, you need to find another solution as this is not so permanent.


We all envy our friends whose countertops are from expensive materials. Fortunately, you can also get that sleek through modern lamination materials. It is the cheapest and easiest counter top idea. For instance, you can laminate the tops with Formica which mimics granite patterns. One can never tell the difference unless they touch it. You are also not limited as there are plenty of colors which you can select from to suit your kitchen décor. During installation ensure the material fits well to prevent uneven surfaces, and if it gets confusing, there are plenty of tutorials online which you can use to assist you.

Wooden doors

Doors? Yes, doors! How does that even work? Well here is how, it is straightforward since most of the times, it is always together and all you have to do is take the measurements of your countertop and reduce the size of your door to equal it. Then place it on your counter top and nail it there. Since it’s wooden, it is suitable as it is stain resistant and creates a vintage look. It is also unique. Or you can always use overlaying wood instead of the door.

Contact paper

Though it’s not a long-term solution, It is an easy DIY idea to transform your kitchen. Take your countertop measurements to know the length it requires. All you need for a tool is a firm hand, and you will easily change and upgrade your kitchen outlook. There are plenty of colors to select from.


Last but not least, is concrete. It is cheap and much more durable. It will take you about a week to complete, but it is definitely worth it. The concrete look is quite easy to accomplish, but you can use another hand, so it’s advisable you hire someone to assist. Contrary to other durable counter tops such as granite one’s, concrete tops are cheaper and compatible with bright kitchen décor.